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ERP Counseling Services

Run SMART #Projects

Our mission and the key phases for a succesfull project

We wish to always deliver a professional expertise, accompanied by high-level solutions!

And for us, any successful project follows the three key stages:

Business analysis

– for elaborating the specifications in order to choose a software solution (ERP)


– for choosing the appropriate solution according to the company's requirements and needs;

Project Management

– for managing the ERP solution implementation project

Business analysis

The analysis consists in presenting the specifications for the following aspects:

  • The organizational structure of the company;
  • Roles / tasks of system operators / beneficiaries;
  • The company’s needs regarding the implementation of an ERP information system;
  • Processes within the company;
  • Features and functionalities for the new ERP system;
  • Automation for repetitive operations;
  • Integrations with other software solutions used by the company.

The document will be completed on the basis of on-site or remote interviews, with the decision-makers or representatives indicated by the beneficiary who can provide the necessary information for this specific documentation.


Consultancy services will provide the beneficiary with the necessary information to choose the appropriate solution for the company’s requirements and needs, presenting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks to which it may be exposed by accepting this ERP solution. Last but not least, a must is the consultant’s recommendation based on all the aspects presented and following the criteria specified by the beneficiary.

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Project management and the steps to be followed

Serra Software International can provide the project management services for the implementation of any ERP solution, as the beneficiary’s representative.

The project manager will work directly with both the decision-makers within the company involved in the project and will coordinate with other departments and the software solution provider to ensure that deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget.

Thus, through this service, the ERP solution beneficiary will have the certainty that the project in which the company is involved will be properly followed, eliminating those possible situations that make the two parties, the implementation beneficiary and the ERP solution provider, enter in impasse, by: minimizing or eliminating the risks, the costs of implementation to be kept under control and, last but not least, the project to be delivered on time.

What are their responsabilities?

  • Follows the project;
  • Reports to the manager;
  • Sets deadlines;
  • Proposes the involvement of new resources where necessary;
  • Proposes efficient solutions;
  • Measures the project’s performance using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Establishes and maintains the relationship with the supplier;
  • Creates and maintains a comprehensive coverage documentation
    for the project.

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