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Soft1 Series 6

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Introducing the new Soft1 Series 6. Much faster, customizable and with an even more intuitive interface, Soft1 Series 6 has an improved and dynamic information portal, as well as numerous upgrades to increase employee productivity and facilitate them. Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 can be configured to meet your way of doing business with minimal IT investment and resources.

Featuring modules that support all critical business areas of your organization, it helps you control with ease your financials, reduce your operating costs and simplify supply chain, production, and operations.

With new customization options integrated, Soft1 Series 6 allows better and faster handling of data, fully personalizing the experience to the user needs and business rofile. Soft1 Series 6  incorporates an entirely updated information portal that keeps the correct functionality just a click away.

Operating on the state-of-the-art data centers of Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 is backed by Microsoft investments in high-end infrastructure and unparalleled security.

SoftOne’s ERP system is designed to allow users easily utilize its in-depth functionality. Accelerate and support all your core business processes -right from the start- with an easy-to-use, intuitive, role-based interface. Being fully configurable and extensible, Soft1 ERP Series 6 completely adjusts to your business needs, ensuring instant response to new market challenges.

We have developed a new product

– Training 4 Soft1 –

A 3-module training program, prepared and managed by our specialists, according to your needs and employee’s software level, as follows:


Support costs reduced by 40%
Standard Reports
Drag & drop Reports


Support costs reduced by 60%
Level 1 Support


Support costs reduced by 90%
Level 2 & 3 Support
Table relationships
Report development
Flow development

The courses are held on premise, at our offices in Brasov and Bucharest. We also provide video-taped trainings for all 3 packages, available online, under a username and a key password, with a lifetime access right.

For more information related to Soft1ERP Trainings, fill in the contact form or contact us at contact@serrasoftware.ro.


General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Revenues – Expenses, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, Cash & Payment Management, Open Items, Credit Cards, Payment Settlements/Installments, Budgeting, International Accounting Standards (IAS), Cost Accounting, Factoring, Activity Base Costing (ABC)

Production Process & Production (Internal) Costing

Screen Forms Design, Script Builder, Workflow Scenarios, Runtime Rights, Remote Systems, Alert Systems, Customization Toolkit
Customers, Suppliers, Debtors & Creditors, Sales, Purchases, eINVOICE Connector, Retail Sales, Customer Loyalty, Sales Team Management, Multi Currency, Imports & Exports Costing, Business Units, Pricing Policies, Credit Policies, Resources & Geographical Zones, Consolidated Statements, Group of Companies Management, Approvals, Installations & Contracts
Customers, Suppliers, Debtors & Creditors, Sales, Purchases, eINVOICE Connector, Retail Sales, Customer Loyalty, Sales Team Management, Multi Currency, Imports & Exports Costing, Business Units, Pricing Policies, Credit Policies, Resources & Geographical Zones, Consolidated Statements, Group of Companies Management, Approvals, Installations & Contracts
Soft1 Web Report (5 users), Soft1 myCustomer (50 Users), Soft1 QuickView & Soft1 MyPortal
Multiple Sites/Branches, Unlimited Stock Locations, Storage Bins – Shelves, Alternative/Corresponding Items, Color & Size, Serial Numbers, Lots, Group Sets, Services
File Attachments, Extra Fields & Aggregators, Report Designer (basic & advanced), Merging, QlikView Run Time
Detailed Employees Archive, Advanced Payroll Data Records, Social Security Institute Management, Data Transfer, HR Management


Soft1 CRM allows users to benefit from the information they need every day, including customer contacts and sales status, order and sales invoices, management reports, with the desired filters, anywhere and anytime. You can centralize useful information in one place and thus streamline sales, marketing and customer support.
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  • Contacts / tasks and activities
  • Leads and Sales Opportunities
  • Sales Offers and Orders
  • Employee monitoring
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Customer service

Access anywhere, anytime

Improve your sales performance with instant access to all customer requirements with advanced mobile technology built into Soft1 CRM.

Native integration with Soft 1 modules

Fully support the sales cycle by integrating Soft1 ERP functionalities: managing the price list and stock of items, suppliers, sales offers, purchase orders, and more.

Tasks automation

Use the unique benefits of a 100% customizable CRM system: create custom workflows, set up email alerts or various actions, upcoming event / task notifications, or task closure notifications and many other features.

Native integration with Microsoft Outlook

Get access to customer information, create and manage emails, appointments, and record customer contact information - all with just a few clicks in Outlook.

Enhance the ability to make decisions

Increase and strengthen the ability to make decisions through the powerful reporting tools included in Soft1 CRM.

Serra Payroll 4 Soft1

– Payroll Add-On –

Payroll 4Soft1 logo


It is a complete solution developed by Serra Software, flexible and scalable for the management of all employees categories (full-time, part-time and service contracts) and also for the salary elements and summary calculation. It is easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface, but also through the perfect integration with Soft1ERP.

Automatic transfers

Automatic transfer of various amounts and/or information from an excel format in salaries.

Customized management reports

  • Company expenses by departments / cost centers
  • Organizational structure
  • Complete management of data about company employees. All legal information about contracts, positions, vacations, insured persons, professional experience, as well as contact information related to staff in compliance with GDPR requirements, all recorded and tracked.
  • Human resources reports

  • Salary flyer
  • Salaries State payment
  • Statements
  • Salary summary
  • Rest leave situations
  • Sick leave situations
  • Direct transfers of accounting notes

    Now you can transfer accounting notes corresponding to salaries directly in accounting! As both the accounting and the payroll module are developed in the same ERP system, the two modules are compatible and allow the transfer of information.

    Soft 1 SFA

    Get more sales

    Power your sales team with the confidence and knowledge to improve their day-to-day performance. Soft1 SFA is a simple to use, yet powerful mobile sales solution delivering a vast array of features that automate and streamline all of the key sales processes so that your front-line reps never miss a sales opportunity.

    With Soft1 SFA, your sales people can have at their fingertips real-time customer data and insights to sell more, faster. Save your sales team time and help them streamline their workflow and shorten the sales cycles, with a comprehensive SFA solution that simplifies the performance of tasks by mobile sales people.

    Reduce the cost of selling, staying constantly connected to all of your customer data, so you can better sell and upsell while you properly meet customer expectations.

    Work and connect from anywhere

    Soft1 SFA runs natively on any mobile device so you can instantly access product and customer data, take orders, issue invoices and collect payments, while on the go. Moreover, Soft1 SFA seamlessly supports mobile barcode scanners and mobile printing with Bluetooth connectivity, to facilitate issuing receipts on-site.

    Sell more, faster

    Spend more time each day on closing sales deals in the field rather than searching through emails or compiling reports. View and manage customer information, orders and sales history on an instant, from any mobile device. View product prices, inventory and key customer sales records on the fly. Suggest and place orders, apply discounts, up-sell promotions and cross-sell related items, faster than ever before.

    Merchandise better

    Easily capture in-store information on any mobile device, eliminating paperwork. Effortlessly customize your schedule and route your course of client visits. Monitor and record inventory and make informed recommendations for replenishment to keep shelves stocked. Check and easily register competition related prices, manage available questionnaires and carry out on-site merchandise evaluation surveys.

    Achieve more

    Make the most of your time while on the go. Access performance data and sales statistics per customer (such as financial reports and statements, aging balances and turnover) to measure sales performance across customers and products. View your pipeline of leads, identify new sales opportunities and close more deals on every customer visit.

    Automate and schedule your work

    Forget paper and manual data entry. Automate your daily work and intuitively plan your business tasks to maximize the revenue potential of your sales territories. Plan and schedule your routes, optimize your travel time and lower your travelling costs. Gain more control with real-time tracking and location-based check-ins on scheduled routes and synchronize everything with your back-office Soft1 application.

    Amaze your customers

    Easily consolidate customer information with sales data and identify what your customers need before they do. Showcase the right product to the right customer at the right time and maximize new orders. Soft1 SFA enables you to visit more customers in less time, sell faster and resolve customer issues, better.


    View and manage, in real-time, your customers’ information and financial standing. Access at any time contact details, order history and schedule optimized routes on Google maps. Create with ease, customer orders and offerings. Receive and register customer payments and issue receipts and invoices. Easily keep track of outstanding orders, slow moving items and aging balance per customer. Seamlessly create and view, per customer, value-analysis reports for goods and services. Easily attach files via Dropbox, including documents, datasheets, photos, videos and more.
    Organize and prioritize your key activities using Soft1’s SFA friendly calendar and work through your sales activities while on the go. Schedule and manage appointments, set follow-ups and reminders and link individual tasks to visit points. View recent and upcoming appointments and schedule optimized routes on Google maps. Easily link files on a meeting via Dropbox, including documents, photos, videos and more.
    View in grouped lists all existing products and browse through each one, accessing several product details including descriptions, photos, inventory per storage, suggested wholesale and retail prices. Manage all products and update information fields at any time, from any device.

    Utilize real-time, role-based dashboards in the form of graphs and widgets that include key metrics such as daily sales orders, sales per item, 4-year comparative customer turnover, outstanding orders, movement of goods, pending customer visits and more.

    Streamline your order processing and easily take orders on any tablet or smartphone. Utilize customer statistics and recommend items for order. Manage any items list using barcode scanners and quickly create purchase orders, selecting products grouped by lot, color, size etc. Obtain electronic signatures per order remotely or in person, using any device. Print customized invoices using Bluetooth printers, cloud printing or Soft1’s fully automated E-Invoicing service. Easily attach files on orders via Dropbox, including documents, datasheets, photos, videos and more.
    Showcase all of your products on any mobile device, using Soft1’s SFA multiple view e-catalogue. Quickly navigate through products and view related photos and information on units of measurement, wholesale &and retail prices, available stock etc. Place orders directly from the showroom, adding selected products into comprehensive e-basket.
    Capture leads and uncover important insights that you can act on. Import and manage your leads’ contact and business details, using Soft1’s SFA standard or customized fields. Forecast expected turnover per lead and track the lead-to-opportunity conversion ratio. Assign actions per lead and easily attach files, orders, documents, photos and videos.
    Generate accurate financial statements and reports on turnover per customer, total customer takings in cash and banknotes.
    Soft1 SFA supports several languages, such as Greek, English and Romanian. You can choose your preferred language when connecting to the application.
    Monitor and collect data on-shelf inventory and make informed decisions for replenishment to keep shelves stocked. Check and easily register competition prices, manage available questionnaires and carry out on-site merchandise evaluation surveys. Capture pictures of product displays and link them to customer account and store locations.
    Quickly capture market trends and uncover valuable customer insights, using Soft1’s SFA custom questionnaires. Create and deploy in minutes easy-to-use questionnaires and assess promotions and marketing campaigns, track and manage complaints, measure customer satisfaction and learn more about competition market presence and prices.
    Create dynamic, comparative reports on turnover per customer, sales orders, sales per product, issued invoices and many more.
    Actions made by Soft1 SFA users, are automatically synchronized with the main Soft1 ERP Series 5, regardless whether the users are online or offline. In addition, users get to choose which data they want to synchronize.


    soft1 erp 2

    Soft1 Mobile Warehouse

    Soft1 Mobile Warehouse manages the activities of merchandise, distribution or production warehouses. Using a PDA mobile device, with Soft1 Mobile Warehouse, you can carry out daily tasks with regard to commodity management, storage management, material reception, congestion management, and other related activities.
    Soft1 Mobile Warehouse provides real-time information, supports reduction of reception errors, picking, inventory and optimizes warehouse feeds. An efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) has the ability to significantly improve the quality of warehouse management and bring added value across the entire logistics chain for any type of company such as manufacturers, distributors, importers or retailers.

    Soft1 Mobile Warehouse Advantages

    Soft 1 360

    soft1 erp 3

    Soft1 360 is a mobile solution that provides access to the implemented Soft1 application via smartphones, tablets or laptops wherever you are, without any time and location restrictions, without requiring additional infrastructure.

    Soft1 360 allows you to view all browsers and reports related to user access rights, editing or deleting current records (orders, invoices, inventory), inserting new records.

    Soft1 360 can easily be customized and deployed, regardless of how Soft1 ERP (On-Premise or Cloud) works. It is offered on a subscription basis and does not require specialized installations or other investments in hardware.

    This service supports companies in optimizing operating costs, providing fast and flexible access to cutting-edge technologies, which can provide them with competitive advantage over competition.