How do you protect yourself and your company against ransomware attacks?

Along with moving the job home and the new reality that we are all beginning to adapt to, it is obvious that ransomware threats have multiplied

At the local level, we still notice a certain indifference towards cyber security strategies, which will certainly lead to an increase in the occurrence of ramsomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks are cyber attacks that can strike anyone, from simple users to large companies. There are totally unwanted events that encrypt the database, making it unusable.

According to a recent study developed by Microsoft, more than half (58%) of companies in the region confirm that they do not currently have a complex cybersecurity strategy. In Romania, only 39.5% of the companies that took part in this research said that they have a complete cyber security strategy, 6% of them do not have such a strategy but intend to design one, and 8% of them do not I think they need a dedicated IT strategy.

The consistency of these low figures as well as the high percentage of companies that state that “they have not encountered cyber security problems” in Romania may indicate insufficient visibility and education in the field, which can be a major and widespread risk.

For this reason, we recommend that you consult all of the options proposed by Serra’s professionals and establish a comprehensive security strategy at your organization level as soon as possible, to protect your critical data from such unwanted events.

We undertake to perform IT services for the daily saving of the database (database containing all configurations and records in the integrated IT system Soft1 ERP).

You can leave us a message for details on the security services provided at ->


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