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Customers evaluate ERP solutions based on several criteria, namely: process adaptation, solution scalability, ease of use and, last but not least, cost.

During this evaluation, procurement managers will weigh the solutions developed on demand or local ERPs, which they may be attracted to, taking into account the initial reduced cost.

However, at the same time, they could evaluate a world-class ERP solution, SAP Business One. Compared to a local ERP, the investment may seem higher, but in reality it’s not the case, as you will understand by the end of the article.

Clients must keep in mind that an ERP is an investment on a medium and long term. As their business grows, the ERP system must be able to “fight” to keep up with increasing complexity.

You will discover below the main 5 points of comparison, which could help you in the evaluation process and making an informed decision:

Nr. Description SAP Business One Other solution
1 Risk associated with the product I believe nobody needs too much introduction on SAP. It is common knowledge that SAP is the world leader in ERP solutions.

SAP Business One is used by over 65,000 customers in 170 countries. This eliminates virtually any risk of the product.

The number of clients is incomparably smaller.

If we talk about a software that is relatively new, we can say that the producer is still working on solving bugs and basic processes. During all this time, the client cannot benefit efficiently and quickly from a complete solution, thus bearing a cost of missed opportunities.

2 Support The implementation of the SAP Business One solution is done through partners. SAP partners have certified SAP consultants. Therefore, the services offered are of quality and according to procedures established by SAP. Moreover, if you are dissatisfied, you can call another SAP partner.

In addition, SAP offers support to partners in solving problems encountered by customers.

Customers depend on the company that developed the software solution. Being a smaller entity, it can face business problems regarding insufficient resources and even financial instability. All this can have a negative impact on the quality of services.
3 Functionalities SAP Business One is developed on best practices, taking into account the global market. However, at the time of the implementation, customisation may be needed to accurately model your company’s flow. SAP has a multitude of tools for carrying out these developments. Developments can be made both by the implementation partner and by the client,  depending, of course, on the complexity of the requirement. Alternatively, customers have the option to purchase add-ons from other partners to reduce the implementation time. SAP Business One has a multitude of industry solutions covering all possible needs. If the product is developed for the customer, then it will definitely cover all the customer’s requirements. However, this situation may not be favourable for the client, in the future.
4 Flexibility and scalability SAP has numerous solutions for application development. Customisation is quite easy. The user can add fields and tables easily, right from the application.

SAP Business One is designed in such a way that it can be developed as the customer’s business is growing (new users, new locations, new processes).

Changing any functionality can be difficult. The customer must contact the producer to add new fields, tables or configure new reports. The customer will depend on the producer, who may or may not appreciate the urgency of the customer’s development.
5 Documentation The documentation is available on the company’s website. It is updated as new functionalities are added to the application. In this case, the chances of obtaining documentation are very low.

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