Serra Custom: ”Decont” (debit input) module

”Decont” (debit input) module


In order to make the introduction of a large number of returns more efficient, a single-layout entry module has been configured.

Each account justification will be entered in the appropriate section, namely: Expenses (where there are tax invoices and receipts) and Various Payments.

For each document, you will enter: the supplier (where applicable), the fiscal invoice number / receipt, the date, the document series on which the expense and value will be generated.

After all the invoice documents are entered, they can be generated in the accounting. Document generation can be made from one or more accounts.

At debit input (”decont”), it has the Operated status, and after generating the documents, it has the Generated status.

Documents are generated in the related modules (Supplier Expenses or Various Payments).

Tax invoices / bills will be automatically cleared through the cash account selected in the expense account (”decont”).

You can delete the already generated and regenerated documents from the ”decont”.



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