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SAP Business One – Fiori Style Cockpit

Fiori-style Cockpit is the control center of SAP Business One, which allows full control and visibility in the business. It allows viewing open documents and major reports, links to frequently used layouts, assessing the status of the company in terms of revenue, expenses and inventory, as well as performing a complete data search in SAP Business One with a single click.

Fiori-style Cockpit is a customized work center for analysis and reporting, simplifying the operations of SAP Business One users, HANA version. It has the built-in SAP Fiori concept and is developed in HTML5.

Fiori-style Cockpit provides valuable information about BI analysis of the day-to-day operations of SAP Business One users and decision-making processes. Users can have an easy experience with organizing and using the complete functions of the system in real time.

Users can work with the standard templates, predefined in SAP Business One (it has four templates, one for each authorization group in the application). For each Fiori template, SAP defines the widgets and widget settings according to its role.


For customisation, users can move, delete, or add new widgets by selecting them from the Widget Gallery.

The Widgets Gallery is designed to display all available widgets. You can narrow down the selection with the dropdown menu. The options are to display only: dashboard (dashboards), key performance indicators (KPI), business object count, workbenches or widget recent updates. There is also the option to find a widget by name using the search field.



Dashboards are graphical reports of the performance of your business.

SAP Business One provides the user with a number of 26 predefined dashboards.

In addition, new dashboards can be configured at any time, depending on the user’s needs. They can be easily configured using Pervasive Analytics Designer. SAP Business One has two types of dashboards: General Dashboards and Advanced Dashboards.


Directly from these dashboards you can configure various actions, for example opening models in the application or opening an advanced dashboard. All these options are very useful for the user with quick access to information from the application.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Performance indicators are useful for the operation of the company and, once you have selected the key values of your business, you will need a real-time reporting tool to track these internal indicators. SAP Business One can help.

SAP Business One has predefined KPIs, but the user can configure new metrics, directly from the application, using Pervasive Analytics Designer.

KPIs can be configured from three types of data source: Analytic views, Calculated views or Queries (user-defined queries). In the KPI definition, you can set objectives, trends, filters, parameters and displayed colors.


Business Object Count Widget

These are the results of queries.

SAP Business One has five such widgets, namely: open customer orders, open sales invoices, orders from unreceived suppliers, unrealized stock transfer requests.


And with their help, the user can easily access the information in the application.


If the displayed number is clicked, the documents underlying the indicator will be displayed as a table.

Within this table the data can be filtered, sorted or even access a document.

8 2

New widgets can be added at any time based on user-defined queries. These can be easily added to the user’s Fiori Cockpit templates.


These are developed to easily access the options used daily by the SAP Business One user. It includes all documents and reports related to the business process (Sales, Acquisitions, Stocks, Financial). It contains links to common functions for each business process


For example, from the inventory management, you can easily access the transactions that affect the company’s stock (input, output, transfer) from several modules of the application, namely Acquisitions, Sales, Stock Transfer, Inventory.

With a single click on the icon, the data entry model will open


They also offers the possibility to access:

  • the product nomenclature
  • company warehouses
  • price list
  • stock reports.

Thus, a manager can easily access all the options, most often used, without having to access or search for options in the application menu.

In addition to business process transactions, each option allows the user to quickly take certain actions, without having to switch between functions or modules.

The menu options are available for each transaction, being represented, visually, with a blue arrow.

From the NIRs option, you can directly open the list of open documents (which do not have an invoice) or you can view the stock on a product, from the reports option.


All other workbenches offer similar functionality, but adapted to the user’s access rights.

Like with other dashboards, users can add widgets or KPIs. The big difference is the interactivity and ease with which the user can access the data. In other dashboards, it takes much longer to access them.

SAP HANA helps small businesses operate smarter, faster and easier to develop a competitive advantage.

Author: Paula Iordache


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