Serra Warehouse Stock Viewer

Serra Warehouse Stock Viewer was created to provide portable access and as fast as possible stock check in warehouses. You must have a valid webservice license to use the application, as it uses web services to display the required data. Each user will log in to the application using the credentials received, after which the application will automatically retrieve information about the management number in which the user works. After logging in, there will be the following options:

WMS Serra S1

1. Selecting the shelf code scan option will automatically open the phone’s camera, and the user will be able to scan the barcode or shelf QR code, after which all products with a stock other than 0 (including negative ones) will be displayed on the screen.

2. If the shelf code cannot be scanned, the user has the option to search for it manually. After selecting this option, a search bar will be displayed where you can search and select the desired shelf, after which the result will be the same as when scanning.

3. After selecting the product scan option we will be able to scan the barcode or QR code of the product, after which each shelf on which the scanned product is located and the stock on that shelf will be displayed (only the shelves belonging to the same managements on which it works will be displayed logged in user).

4. If the product code cannot be scanned, there is the option to manually search by product name, where the product will be selected and the result will be the same as when scanning the code.

The application is useful to observe in advance the real problems related to the shelf stock and to correct them in ERP in order to have a situation corresponding to the physical one in the software.

Note: it runs on both Android and IOS. On Android it is available in google play: as well as on the Huawei AppGallery.

On IOS it was tested in a simulator on which it ran perfectly, however it is not available in the AppStore because we have not yet had a requirement in this regard.

Bogdan Scafariu, Software Developer

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